Phone: 603.944.6389
Director/Camera . Editor . Writer . Photographer

Director/Editor - "Nancy Lyon, A  Rediscovered Master Weaver's Work" Documentary
Director/Camera/Editor - Wood Island Life Saving Station Restoration
Director/Editor - Suburban HVAC
Director/Camera/Editor - Center for Wildlife
Director/Editor - "Graham Gillette Alvord" - Documentary
Editor - AVKare
Director/Editor/Camera - Video - Northeast Passage
Director/Camera/Editor/Voice Over - Sleepnet Corp.
Director/Editor/Camera - Fair Tide
Director/Editor - radio & TV commercials - Bank of New Hampshire
Director/Editor /Camera - Video - Cancer Care of York County
Director/Camera/Editor - Jewish Journal/North Shore Suburban JCC
Director/Camera/Editor/Voice Over - Granite YMCAs
Director/Editor/Photographer - HNH Foundation
Director/Editor - TCI Hospitality Group

Go to my YouTube channel Jim White (or search Spruce Creek TV) for more.

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